Our Roasting Process

If you have ever tasted fresh roasted coffee, you know what an experience it is! Within 24 hours of roasting, coffee begins it’s inevitable decline into mediocrity. After 30 days, whole bean coffee has lost half of it’s flavor, more so if it has been ground. In today’s mass market of chain stores and warehouse clubs, truly fresh coffee is nearly impossible to find. 
At the Front Porch Café, we roast all of our coffees right in the Kill Devil Hills store. We utilize a “micro roasting” process, artisan roasting each 15 kg (30 lb) batch individually before blending. Each unique coffee is slowly brought to it’s optimal roast point, ensuring that the exquisite flavor is truly revealed.

We source our coffees from all over the world! We offer over 20 unique single origin coffees, as well as a rich selection of House Blends and Decaffeinated coffees. Where ever possible, we seek out Organic, Fair Traded and Sustainably grown coffees. We work directly with specialty importers who travel to origin in search of the highest green (unroasted) coffees available, trading directly with the grower or grower-cooperative. This trading practice insures that the farmer receives an above market price for his coffee helping his family and community to improve their quality of life. We benefit in receiving quality handpicked coffees, harvested at their optimal point!

You may watch us roast by stopping by our Kill Devil Hills store at mile post 6, open daily. Call 252-449-6616 for roasting hours.