Our Story


Every town has their local coffee shop. On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Front Porch Cafe is that spot. Established in 1999, Front Porch Cafe came into being for one simple reason… People needed a good cup of coffee on the Outer Banks.

Front Porch Cafe was founded in 1999 and was the first small batch roasted coffee shop on the Outer Banks. It truly began as a passion project, as the original owners moved to the beach to open the shop all the while continuing their day jobs! In order to provide the best cup of coffee, they knew they had  to roast their own coffee beans in house- controlling the process each step of the way to ensure nothing but the best for the Outer Banks.

As the locals and tourists alike fell in love with our coffee, Front Porch Cafe expanded into three locations which serve thousands of customers every year. Our coffee is sold in local stores throughout the beach and is exclusively used at several local restaurants. You can even find our coffee in local Food Lion stores!

Now open for over twenty years, Front Porch Cafe has been serving the Outer Banks community and our beloved tourists in a welcoming atmosphere! No coffee snobs here! 

Front Porch Cafe embodies a love of the earth and the people in it, focusing on sustainable, earth friendly, and humane growing practices. We source our coffees from small independent farmers throughout the world, focusing on sustainability and the use of organic farming techniques wherever possible. We have also incorporated bio-degradable and recycled materials into our stores, including our cups and straws. 

Truly a staple of the community, Front Porch continually volunteers for events, donates to local causes, and raises money for charities, focusing on improving the tight knit community of the Outer Banks.

Recently, the original owners decided they were ready to pass on the torch, and let someone else make the coffee. The current owners took over the business in the Summer of 2021 with the dream of keeping the same great coffee brewing and that’s just what they’re doing! 

Stop by any of our three locations today to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable employees! We look forward to seeing you soon!