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Espresso…what is it?

Just the most delicious thing EVER!

Sorry, we love it so much.

Simply put it is a method of brewing coffee. A small amount of hot
water goes through finely ground coffee at high pressure in a short
period of time.

There are no grown “espresso” beans. A type of bean is chosen
which typically and historically has been dark roasted but that is
not a law.

There is, however, an espresso grind. We cannot stress enough
how important it is to get the correct grind for your preferred
method of brewing. (see blog…previous blog…hahaha).

The Front Porch Café has a wonderful blend for our espresso. We
threw away the rule book and came up with Kill Devil Quattro
Espresso Blend. It delivers a great balance of flavors and produces
exquisite crema, the “creamy” top finish on espresso shots.

So break with tradition and try our Espresso Quattro Blend in the
café or at home. It also makes a rockin’ cup of brewed coffee!


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