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Questions? Oh, we have questions for you!

What size cup would you like?
Will that be hot or iced?
Dark, medium or light roast?
Something from the bakery case?
(BTW if you haven’t tried our baked goods you need to they are
very yummy)

We ask a lot of questions. Every day. Of almost everybody!
This is to ensure you get what you are expecting and want.
As a specialty coffee shop and roastery we are able to customize a
drink for you and find the perfect blend or varietal so you can start
your day off the right way.

We love when people have never had a latte or “fancy” drink
before. Finding the delicious for them is our pleasure.
It’s exciting to introduce people to a new beverage or freshly
roasted coffee.

(Another aside: If you think coffee is just “coffee” come try a cup
of our “coffee”...fresh is soooo goooood)
So forgive us our questions, we are just striving to make sure you
are going to get the wonderful experience that you deserve.

Happy sipping!

Monday, Sept. 5th ……Labor Day

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