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‘Twas the Week Before Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through our head
Are thoughts of to-do lists, there’s no time for bed!
The holiday bustle is here for us all,
But there’s hope for a break, now please listen, y’all
Breathe out, take a sec and think what it should be
This season of giving to friends and family
Don’t worry ‘bout shopping to get them more stuff
Take some time and remember that they have enough
Who is it you love, always and each day
And do something with them, it’s easy, go play!
The holiday spirit for each one could be,
To share special moments over coffee or tea.
Of course, there’ll be gifts, we can’t stop ourselves,
But maybe not ones that will sit on the shelves.
Remember to think of those struggling this year
See previous blogs for ideas to help cheer.
And be kind to yourself and to all others too
Then this holiday season will be easy to do.

December 21st Winter Solstice

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