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What are we doing?

How does the magic happen in your cup everyday with Front
Porch coffee?

A lot of people are involved and that’s just at the Front Porch!

Our roasters bring 100+ lb. bags of coffee from the warehouse to
our roasting room in Kill Devil Hills.

Then they focus on roasting to make sure each batch is perfectly

Then the rest of the staff comes into play. In store we get there
EARLY to insure tasty baked goods and fresh coffee are ready for
you at 6 a.m.

We spend weeks training our baristas so that your latte or West Third is well made and delicious.

We check orders and usually ship out coffee the same day.

So now you know that the real magic is our staff!!!

We come together, work hard, have fun and do everything we can
so you can have a great experience with us or in your cup at home.

A salute to the staff of The Front Porch Café!

They are the best!

And a salute to all the others who are involved in getting your coffee to you, growers, pickers, drivers… the list goes on.

Ice Cream Day July 17th
Go visit Holy Cow! On the Beach road… yum!

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