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Earth... We're on it!

Dear Earth,

Thank you for supporting us. Without you we would be nowhere. Really.

You have beautiful oceans, deserts, forests and so many other environments of which we are in awe!


Our fellow creatures are too numerous to mention and soooo fantastic too. The duckbill platypus…well done!


 We are trying to be better neighbors even in small ways.

Tending our own green spots, we call them gardens., with native plants and sanctuaries for bees, bats, birds and the rest of our fellows.

We try to be mindful of our trash and the habit of recycle, re-use and re-purpose is gaining more popularity.


We especially love the coffee you produce. It’s awesome and many of us would be lost without it.

You’re the best!

Love, the humans.


Make some plans for these dates:

Earth Day, April 22nd

Clean up some trash; Put in place new Earth friendly habits


Bark in the Park, April 24th

Dowdy Park 1pm-5pm

Love on some four legged co-habitants

Front Porch will be there!

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