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Latte? Cappuccino? What’s a Flat White? And where does
Café au Lait fit in????

At the Front Porch Café we don’t care whether you know
the “lingo” or not.

We just want to make sure that what we
serve you is what you were expecting. Usually.

A latte is espresso topped with steam milk. The end.

A cappuccino is usually equal parts espresso, steamed milk
and heavenly foam. The foam makes the drink less liquidy
(new word).

A cappuccino can be ordered “wet” more steamed milk
than foam or “dry” more foam than steamed milk.

A flat white was created to focus on the flavor of the
espresso by using less milk and not have any peaks of foam
to fight through (hence flat).
Traditionally it’s two shots of espresso and about twice that
in steamed milk, no foam!

A café au lait is brewed coffee with steamed milk.
Translated from the French as “coffee with milk”, known
in Spanish as “café con leche” or in Swahili “kahawa na

Now you know. Salut!

Don’t forget May 15 th is Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!!! or

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