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April 22nd is Earth Day…Let’s pull it together People! Please!

Earth Day is April 22nd, every year, but let’s try to make Earth Day every day. I mean after all it supports us every day. And because of a combination of
truly fantastic universal and cosmic things we are not being hurled through the universe, burned to a crisp or frozen to death. So maybe let’s do a little bit more for our blue and green orb.

A few suggestions and gentle (hahaha) nudges.

  • Don’t litter and go a step further and pick up a piece of trash anytime you see one.
  • Make your yard a haven for your smaller neighbors.
  • Make a bee house and/or a bat house. (ask Professor Google)
  • Plant native plants.
  • Plant flowering shrubs and plants for all pollinators.
  • Use natural pesticides and fertilizers…they exist.
  • We may want the perfect garden but at what cost?
  • Use water carefully, it is a limited resource.
  • Support companies and businesses that are geared towards leaving less of a negative impact and actually are trying to help our planet thrive.
  • Instead of spending time on social media, research how you can help all our neighbors and the land and sea that is their home.
  • THEN go on social media and share these ideas.

April 18 Animal Cracker Day
April 19 Banana Day

Also on Saturday, April 22nd at the KDH store we are having a book launch for, “Opening Exercises: Tools for Navigating Life” by Three Voices. I am one of the Voices so come see me. Copies of the book will be available for sale at the shop. The book is also available on Amazon.

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